Polo Saddle-PoloGear Ultralight

$590 $690

The Polo Gear Ultralight Saddle was designed for the professional and amateur polo player who demanded a durable lightweight performance saddle at a reasonable price. The design concept behind the Ultralight Saddle was to take the performance characteristics of our Pro and Premier polo saddles, and the 15 years of winning history, and create an entry price point saddle that offered performance and durability in a light weight, yet durable frame. The Ultralight Polo Gear saddle is designed with the comfort and the performance of the horse and rider in mind. The horse can't perform if it is uncomfortable or in pain and the rider can't perform without a responsive mount and without a balanced platform to communicate with the horse from. The Polo Gear Ultralight saddle provides both. First it allows the horse the freedom to move comfortably. Polo Gear has taken the scientifically designed and proven shape of its Pro and Premier pads and gullet and applied them to this less expensive model. This allows the riders weight to be spread over a larger area lowering the pounds per square in that is carried by the horse. This increased shock attenuation makes a more comfortable ride for the horse and rider. In addition the gullet of the Ultralight is wider than the normal polo saddle, it is more like a top dressage or jumping saddle in this regard. The reason being is top equestrians; trainers and veterinarians know that all the energy and nerve pathways run on either side of the horse's spine. Eastern medicine has taught us that not only is it critical that the saddle does not rub or interfere with the horses vertebrae, it is equally important that it does not interfere with or compress the tissue to either side of it. The wide gullet allows for freedom of movement and energy. Not only do you have a happier more comfortable horse, you have fewer problems in other areas. It is a proven fact that colic and sweating or non-sweating issues are often related to saddle fit, believe it or not. In addition the wider gullet and anatomical pad fit provide a more solid platform for the rider to sit, swing and move from. The other element of the Polo Gear Ultralight saddle performance is the way it positions the rider. For the rider to perform it is critical that the saddle center the rider's center of gravity with the horse's center of gravity. Top players demand this performance, and beginners find the saddle is easier because it puts them in the correct position. When the rider and horse move together then subtle transfers of energy accomplish the job and riding is fluid and effortless. Underneath this performance is a solid laminated wood, fiberglass and tempered steel reinforced tree that comes with a strong I year guarantee. Top quality, vegetable tanned prime leather protects the tree and rider. The pads are a combination of foam for comfort and wool felt for shock absorption just like saddles costing thousands of dollars. No cheap injection molded foam like the Argentine saddles that doesn't absorb or protect and breaks down very quickly. In addition stainless steel safety stirrup hangers add to safety and durability. Master saddle makers who have spent years, sometimes generations perfecting their trade put our Polo Gear Ultralight Saddle together by hand carefully and slowly. Now for the first time you can find Polo Gear Pro and Premier Saddle Performance in an entry level priced saddle. You will love the performance of the Polo Gear Ultralight and your horse will love it also. You will also love the price.

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