Custom Polo Team Shirt Printed Team Shirt

In the Polo Gear Teamshop Custom Polo Team Shirts Printed are one of the 3 types of custom polo team shirts and custom polo team jerseys we manufacture on a daily basis. These three styles are the polo uniforms that most polo teams around the world compete in. They are Printed Custom Polo Team Shirts, Embroidered Custom Polo Team Shirts, and Sublimated Custom Polo Team Shirts. In addition to these three custom styles Polo Gear offers 6 stock embroidered team styles for quick and easy ordering. For the Printed Polo Team shirts you can use either the traditional cotton pique or jersey polo shirts or you can print on the newer performance fabrics, which wick moisture away and may be treated with anti microbial and anti-fungal products which further enhance athletic performance. Sometimes the custom printed shirts will combine printed logos and team names with embroidery to increase the richness of the design and the durability. The standard procedure for custom team products is to contact the Polo Gear Teamshop design team for an initial consultation to review the design criteria and objectives for your project. From there we will proceed to the steps to design and create your items. We will then provide you with a written quote for approval. Upon receipt of the approval and deposit we will begin construction of your team set or other projects. Allow 3 to 4 weeks for production plus shipping. Custom Polo Team shirts can be ordered in an unlimited variety of sizes and colors. Typically they come in ladies sizes extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. In men's the sizes range from small, medium, large, extra large, extra extra large. The colors range across the board. We have an extensive selection of colors available including over 24 stock colors. We typically use the Polo Gear pique polo shirt which is made for us by Izod. Click here to see for the exact procedure and specifics of the design and ordering process.

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