PoloGear Gear Custom sublimated team shirts in KwickDri Fabric (8 or more pcs)


PoloGear KwikDri™ fabric is unsurpassed as an athletic performance fabric. It is lightweight, flexible, comfortable, wicks moisture at an extraordinary rate, protects from the sun and it anti-microbial and anti-bacterial so believe it or not won't smell even after years of use and washings. Top that off with PoloGear's state of the art sublimation and you will see why PoloGear is known through out the world as creating the best team jerseys for the sport of polo. To learn more about KwikDri™ click this link.  To custom order your team jerseys call 1-888-PLA-POLO or email salesteam@pologearusa.com. Price varies with quantity ordered: $145 for a dark and light set (8 or more), $175 for a set of 4.  

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