Polo Mallets

Since 1993, PoloGear Custom Mallet Ship has been making world-class polo mallets. The PoloGear Mallet Shop has shipped polo mallets to customers in all 50 states and many countries around the world. Starting with the finest natural raw materials like hand selected Manau canes from Southeast Asia, Tip wood heads from Argentina and the finest nails, glues, tapes and binders from the US, our custom polo mallets are hand straightened, cured, balanced, finished and painted by master mallet makers who have distinguished themselves after years in the trade. PoloGear Mallet Shop makes polo mallets for men, women and children, for bike polo and for hitting on foot (foot mallets). PoloGear mallets are renewed for their quality, balance and durability. We can customize your mallets with your colors, design and initials. We can make custom mallets to your exact specifications. See our brochure about choosing the correct mallet. Call PoloGear if you have questions or are new to the sport. We also do complete mallet repairs and maintenance. Quick turn around.
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