About Us

PoloGear Jeanette Gary

Polo Equipment and Clothing Outfitter Since 1993

Since 1993, PoloGear has striven to provide the finest technical and apparel products for polo. Our approach to our business and to the game comes from the perspective and love of a player. Polo is very personal to PoloGear. We share a passion for the game, the horses, and the sport that binds players around the globe to this exciting, challenging and sometimes irrational sport. In each of our products you will find this dedication to the game.

At PoloGear we are committed to continually refining and redefining products for the sport of polo. We are constantly working to produce products of the finest quality and most technically advanced available. Wherever possible, we manufacture our own products to control quality and innovation. We constantly seek advice from top players, trainers, veterinarians, acupuncturists, chiropractors and technical experts as to how we can improve the performance, durability, technical excellence and safety of our products. Of our accomplishments, this dedication to product innovation is what we are most proud of.