Polo Saddles

Polo Leather SaddlePoloGear™ polo saddles are the culmination of a combined 280 years of leather craftsmanship and technical expertise in the art of saddle fitting and saddle manufacturing. The result is the most technically sound and highest performing saddles in the market. At three price points each model represents best in class polo saddle production, durability and performance. Polo saddles are made to fit the horse, allowing the horse to perform. Fit the player, putting the player in synch with the horse allowing the player to perform. PoloGear polo saddles are durable, easy to care for, good looking, and carry above industry standard warrantees. PoloGear™ polo saddles  are fairly priced and represent good value. All three models are in stock and shipped daily from our Wellington, Florida USA headquarters to polo players around the world. World wide shipping of all polo products, equipment and supplies, for the price to ship in the US.