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At PoloGear we love horses and we love polo. In polo the horse is universally accepted as at least 80% of the game. To play well you must have good horseflesh, that can perform comfortably without pain. Having a proper fitting saddle is very important part of the pain free formula.

In addition, the player must have a correct saddle that centers the rider in a neutral position, aligns the players center of gravity with the horse’s center of gravity. You also want a saddle that distributes the rider’s weight properly on the horse so it can carry the rider’s weight and perform athletically. You want that connection solid so it will not rock and disrupt balance or create discomfort for the horse. You will be amazed at just how few of the polo saddles sold accomplish these simple tenants.

Some polo players tend to treat the saddle as a non-important piece of equipment. There is a machismo attitude that any saddle will do and why would one spend thousands of dollars on a saddle when you can spend a few hundred. Use it for a year or two and throw it away is the mantra of many.

Many others are now starting to realize how important the saddle is in a horses and players health, performance and longevity. For years the dressage world has known the importance of saddle fit. Jeanette (being an FEI dressage rider) and her support group of veterinarians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, was our major source for education early on when we started making polo saddles. We discovered that our polo horses’ backs were sore and they were resisting because they hurt. Our research and testing led us to discover that many, maybe even most of the horses playing had sore backs. That led to us learning about saddle fit and the development of the patented Nic Roldan Free Shoulder saddle. We are now incorporating what we have learned into our lower priced saddles so all horses and budgets may benefit from our knowledge and technology.

From the inception we have been committed to using the finest materials and combining them in a way to facilitate comfort for the horse, durability for the rugged game of polo, and comfort and performance for the player.

All Polo Gear saddles are made by our saddle makers to our discerning specifications. We do not sell local market products or other brands that do not meet to our specifications for horse and player.

We invite you to choose the proper model for your comfort, style, horse and budget.


How the Best Fitting Polo Saddle Was Created #1

How the Best Fitting Polo Saddle Was Created #2

The Problem

The Solution - Patented Free Shoulder Saddle Fixes Saddle Fit Problems

The Results


What makes the PoloGear Nic Roldan Elite Free Shoulder Saddle™ So Different and Unique?

A Whole New Concept and Saddle!

In a single word everything. We discovered virtually all the polo horses (jumpers also) are in pain due to improper saddle fit. This is resulting in greatly reduced performance. This happens because we as players (jumpers also) want to be far forward so we put the saddle up on the horses shoulder. The horses’ shoulder was not designed to carry the riders’ weight. This causes bursitis, chiropractic misalignment (which causes a host of other problems including colic and founder-believe it or not), inversion (high head hollow back) and atrophy of the top line muscles. The remarkable thing, we discovered in our study, was just how severe, chronic, and widespread, these problems are. As polo players, and horseman who care about our horses, we had no idea how much discomfort the majority of the polo horses are in until the chiropractors showed us, by examining each horse and showing through palpation, the discomfort. You can see from the videos how sore to the touch their backs are. Now imagine a horse with a back so sore that it flinches from touch, carrying a polo player around on it. Nic also was astounded as he became educated and learned from Chiropractor, Veterinarian, and Chiropractic Professor, Carlos Cortelezzi-another member of our team.

The Nic Roldan Team Together Solves The Problem

To solve the problem PoloGear put a dedicated team together that consisted of a top player, veterinarian, chiropractor, polo player and high goal team manager, saddle fitter and manufacturer. With PoloGear at the lead we were able to combine this 280 years of experience of the best in the industry and together we solved this problem, a problem that had been plaguing polo for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The result is a new patented technology, a revolutionary change in concept and design, a saddle that allows the horses to perform naturally without pain and discomfort and a saddle that allows the rider to communicate with the horses at a whole new level. A result that sees the horses consistently performing 10 to 20% better than they did in traditional saddles-believe the unbelievable or not!

The Patented Free Shoulder Saddle™ Has Increased Horse Performance Dramatically

What has changed? Simply we have made a completely adjustable saddle, with a lifetime warranty on the tree and 5 year warranty on everything else, that cantilevers the rider forward (where the player wants to be over the shoulder-same for the jumpers) but keeps the riders weight on the horses loin muscles where it can comfortably carry the weight. The new saddle, for the first time, frees the shoulder, allowing a huge difference in freedom and performance of the horse. We are seeing an increase of 10 to 20% performance in every horse and more, sometimes much more in horses that are "cold backed" or have back problems. The results are nothing short of remarkable. Ask Nic and his staff to tell you about the changes in his horses. Every game the horses keep getting better. They were happier, healthier, faster, quicker, stronger, recovered quicker, than
ever before. Not just one of them but all of them. Nic played one string of nine horses in the 16 goal, 20 goal and 26 goal tournaments in Palm Beach. 65 games and his horses all turned out healthy, happy and sound. In the process won two best playing pony awards on different horses in the high goal and many accolades. That is unheard of. He and his staff credit it to the new saddles (also I might add the excellent care) but that is much different to previous seasons and the normal high goal operation.

You Can Feel The Horse Like Never Before

The other thing you will notice in the saddle is it is lighter (only 14 pounds in 18 inch) and you are over 2 inches closer to the horse than any other polo saddle. The result is the connection to the horse and the feel of the horse is exceptional. You can feel the muscles as the horse moves. You can feel the shoulder moving, the back, and each foot touching the ground. It is remarkable. Polo Gear founder, Gary Fellers, exclaims, “In 40 years of playing polo I have never felt anything like it, you are so connected to the horse!” We get that reaction commonly from all level of players. “This horse is very happy with this saddle”, was lifetime horseman, Tommy Lee Jones’s first comment upon trying the saddle. We loved that comment because that is really what it is about for us-helping the horse, and if you know Tommy, he doesn't dispense compliments easily, or without merit.

Leather That Grips Better Than The Best Suede

One more thing the Free Shoulder Saddle™ comes in totally new elephant pattern leather that is made in a special way that allows for exceptional grip. Believe it or not, this special leather has twice the grip as the roughest suede, yet is beautiful, and easy to care for. And, unlike suede, its grip gets better with use, not worse (everyone knows that the suede gets smooth with use, and often quickly). Players want and need exceptional grip to play polo.

Happy Pain Free Horses Perform Better

So with the PoloGear Nic Roldan Elite Free Shoulder Saddle™ what you have is a completely new, patented, revolutionary saddle that is going to make your horses happier, perform better, last longer, have fewer vet and chiropractic bills due to saddle issues, and allow you to play and enjoy your polo more. It is also designed to last many years. A sound investment for any astute horseman and the intelligent solution to back pain that all horses deserve. Call PoloGear today to arrange for a fit consultation, which can be done easily over the phone with a few measurements. We can, with a few simple measurements, custom fit your saddle to your horses back, and ship it to you. 90% of the polo horses fit in a medium angle back configuration. A typical barn, with 10 to 12 horses, will have 2, or maybe 3, different back types so it is easy to comply and organize. Certain horses, with similar back types, go in saddles designed to fit to them. A slight inconvenience, that will result in huge increases in performance and longevity of your horses. It is time polo thinking evolves to understanding the importance of saddle fit. Until now we did not have a saddle that could address it. Now, for the first time, polo has
a saddle that can fit any polo horse comfortably and without pain. We invite you to experience the difference that can make to your horses and in your game. The Details-How To Order The PoloGear Nic Roldan Elite Free Shoulder Saddle is not for everyone. It is made only for the most discerning customers who appreciate its’ unique performance characteristics and who demand the finest saddle the world has to offer. The Elite Polo Saddle is available in sizes 17 inch, 18 inch, 19 inch and 20 inch seats. Each seat size is available in a narrow, medium or wide-angle tree. Each tree is adjustable and PoloGear can easily change the angle of the tree if necessary. Because the trees are completely adjustable, because each saddle comes with hand flocked prime merino wool panels, we are able to fit any horses back and adjust for any problems or changes. Most normal performance horses fit in a medium angle tree (90% of polo horses). Backs are easily measured and then we will adjust the fit before shipping to the exact specifications. Typically each string of 10-12 horses may require two sizes that will fit the different back types. If you have a horse with a very unusual back or injury it may require a custom saddle but this is an exception and can be easily accommodated. All sizes come in our unique Elephant Leather Print Super Grip™ leather. Extra thick, yet light weight and supple, all come in Havana brown color. Each Free Shoulder Saddle is constructed of three types of European prime leather, each leather that is unsurpassed for its beauty, thickness, strength and durability. Our jumping and dressage saddles typically look like new after many years of use. There is no reason not to expect the polo saddles to do the same. Rest assured each component of this saddle, from the steel in the tree, to the billets, to the leather, is the absolute finest available any where in the world. All assembled by Europe’s finest guild trained master saddlers in the Verhan dressage and jumping factory where we have been making the worlds finest dressage and jumping saddles for 15 years. Each saddle comes with a lifetime guarantee on the tree and a 5-year warranty on all other facets. When you pay $4,000 for a saddle you should expect it to perform and to last. You have our guarantee that this is the finest, best performing polo saddle ever made. The patented Free Shoulder Saddle™ technology is your assurance that it is the real thing and that it will perform like no other. If your horses health and performance can increase 10 to 20 % can you afford to be without this advantage? Your horses will thank you, your teammates will thank you and we thank you. Call Mike today to learn the easy steps to get the correct fits for your string. Call 1-866-PLA-POLO and ask for Mike Myers PoloGear General Manager and resident saddle fitter to further explain the benefits of this remarkable saddle.