Polo Bridles

Polo Gear polo bridles are designed by experienced polo players and have been made since 1993 by skilled craftsmen specifically for the sport of polo and for performance polo horses. Polo is an extremely demanding sport and game. It requires strength and durability for its participants and from the equipment they use. Broken equipment can mean serious injury or death to the polo player and or the polo pony so there is no place for inferior quality or workmanship. Polo Gear polo bridles use only the finest raw materials. 100% prime vegetable tanned leather, hides carefully and individually selected for leather quality and tanning integrity, each hide carefully cut to avoid any weakness, hand sewn and finished or machine these Polo Gear polo bridles are made to perform and last for the hard demands of the sport of polo and the game of polo. These superior polo products from Polo Gear are recognized as the worlds premier superior polo equipment. Polo bridles may consist of polo reins, polo draw reins, polo cavesons, polo drop nose bands, polo martingales, polo breast plates, polo check pieces, polo crown pieces, and other polo bridle parts. Polo bridles may be sold complete or by parts or polo bridles may be sold as a set that includes a polo martingale and a polo breast plate and usually two sets of polo reins. The polo bits needed for use with the polo bridles are sold separately.