Bridle Set Complete-Best Buy Economy

$299 $399
This is a best in class, best buy complete polo bridle set.  This complete bridle set features thick strong, thick leather (a must for polo), with stainless steel fittings and strong stitching with all the components you need for a variety of horses and biting situations and it is very reasonably priced. It is a great starter bridle set, because it has all the biting options. This is a complete pelham bridle (which you can use with a gag bit by removing the cheek pieces) and includes a martingale, breastplate, two sets of regular reins and one set of draw reins, and a drop nose band. This is everything you can need for your either a pelham bridle configuration or a gag bridle configuration. Perfect try experiment with different bits and rein combinations. This offers players great value and versatility as most bridle sets include only one set of reins, or no checks, and no draw reins and no drop nose band.   This bridle is made in our factory in Kanpur, IN where guide trained craftsman have been making tack for polo for over 100 years. THIS IS A POLOGEAR BEST BUY PRODUCT. You will be amazed at the quality and value at such an affordable price!

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