PoloGear Global Licensing Opportunities

When PoloGear started in 1993 it started to develop a company that served the polo community with technical products for polo and apparel for polo and to develop a global lifestyle brand that was synonymous with the way of life lived by polo players and their families that could be licensed to third parties.

With founder Fellers background in Ski apparel and men’s’ and women’s clothing fashion it was a logical extension of his interests and experience. From the first day it opened PoloGear offered products for the game of polo and apparel for the polo way of life. In addition, it custom made all the team shirts, team kit, polo jackets, polo shirts, polo tee shirts worn by the teams during and after the games.

PoloGear has developed many distinctive trademarks over the years, many of them inspired by his great horse Texas that was memorialized in a photo captured in high goal play in Saratoga in 1988. PoloGear has common law and registered marks unchallenged with 26 years of uninterrupted sales history in all 50 states and in 45 countries around the world.

PoloGear welcomes global licensing inquiries in all classifications. Please contact founder Fellers at 561-795-1719. Let the receptionist know you are calling regarding licensing opportunities.