Polo Saddle-PoloGear Ultralight

$645 $690

The Polo Gear Ultralight Saddle was designed for the professional and amateur polo player who demanded a durable lightweight performance saddle at a reasonable price. The Ultralight Polo Gear saddle is designed with the comfort and the performance of the horse and rider in mind. The horse can't perform if it is uncomfortable or in pain and the rider can't perform without a responsive mount and without a balanced platform to communicate with the horse from. The Polo Gear Ultralight saddle provides both. First it allows the horse the freedom to move comfortably.  This allows the riders weight to be spread over a larger area lowering the pounds per square in that is carried by the horse. This increased shock attenuation makes a more comfortable ride for the horse and rider.  The Polo Gear Ultralight saddle performance is the way it positions the rider's center of gravity with the horse's center of gravity. Players find the saddle is easier because it puts them in the correct position. When the rider and horse move together then subtle transfers of energy accomplish the job and riding is fluid and effortless. Underneath this performance is a solid laminated wood, fiberglass and tempered steel reinforced tree that comes with a strong I year guarantee. Top quality, vegetable tanned prime leather protects the tree and rider. The pads are a combination of foam for comfort and wool felt for shock absorption.  Stainless steel safety stirrup hangers add to safety and durability. 

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