Polo Foot Mallet & 2 PG Match Polo Balls-Cap Bundle

Polo foot mallets are an essential component of every player's kit. Even when off the horse, maintaining sharp hand-to-eye coordination and a precise swing is crucial. Choose from sizes ranging from 12 inches to 34 inches, with most players opting for sizes 26 to 32 based on their height. This package also features two PG MATCH PLAY Outdoor Polo Balls, ensuring you're equipped for a dynamic game. And as a bonus, complete your gear with an embroidered cap of your choice!  How to measure for your polo foot mallet: simply measure the distance from your hand (open palm facing towards floor) to the floor in inches while you are in standing position. Round up any measurement you get to the nearest inch. This will approximate your foot polo mallet length. Some players like to go a bit shorter or longer as is personal preference. Usually a range over 3 inches is acceptable. Players are encouraged to try different sizes to find their personal preferences. The same as with regular mallets when on the pony's.

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