The Story Of The Second Generation



As our generation I Nic Roldan Free Shoulder Saddles got more exposure we continually sought input from players as to how to make them better. We collected feedback from Nic and other high goal players provided us with the input we needed to make our saddles even better. Actually, significantly better.


We improved the tree and removed the rock that some of the 8, 9 and 10 goal players noticed. The patented cantilever seemed to bother some grooms and trainers who were used to putting a saddle on a certain way. Rather than confuse the issue we created an invisible cantilever which appears to be a normal panel but is in fact a false one to keep the weight behind the clavicle. Both changes making the saddle even better and eliminating any objections to the design but still keeping the important performance and comfort features for the horse.


We have further refined the workmanship and you will find the free shoulder to be not only the most functional polo saddle made, by anyone, anywhere, but also the finest. The best quality, best leather, best workmanship. Oil elephant skin oil leather provides better grip than suede and significantly better appearance, durability, and functionality.


Don’t your horses desire the opportunity to perform at their best? Only one saddle assures that, the PoloGear Nic Roldan, Generation II free shoulder saddle.


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