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Why are PoloGear™ Polo Team Jerseys the best?

PoloGear has been making the shirts polo teams play in since 1993 and they are the star of the show! Since the inception, PoloGear set the bar for quality, design and speedy in house production and turn around and as a result became the global leader in real polo apparel.

Polo Team Shirts were one of our first products because they represent one of our most important passions, the competition. Because it is what goes on during those 6 7-minute chucker’s that is the test ground for the whole polo way of life to which we have devoted our lives, and our brand. The whole polo way of life is compressed into the on the field competition. During our 26 years in the team business and over 40 years playing polo our real polo team shirts are the mastheads for our company personifying all that is important to us; performance, design, quality, integrity, made in USA superior attributes, quick turn around and a focus on exceeding customer expectations.

Let us make the best custom jerseys and matching apparel to fit your team today!

Polo Jersey Features

First in importance for PoloGear products has always been performance. Our perspective has always been from that of the player. How can we provide products that are of superior design and/or performance? PG has always managed to press the envelop in performance by providing features that allow the horse, the player and/or the team to excel and play with more ease, safely and comfort. How can a polo team shirt increase overall performance in the sport?

KwikDri™ space age performance fabric is used exclusively on all PoloGear performance jerseys. KwikDri™ is a proprietary product used only by PoloGear. It was designed and is manufactured exclusively for us to our proprietary formula. In 2008 PG announced the creation of KwikDri™ a new fabric that has superior performance properties when used for polo team jerseys, riding apparel or for any athletic endeavor. The development of KwikDri™ marks the start of a new generation in performance fabrics that have markedly improved the performance for athletic performance applications. Ten years latter KwikDri™ is still the standard by which the equestrian and athletic industry fabric performance is measured. Despite the introduction of many performance fabrics and our constant vigil as to how to improve our fabric, nothing we have seen, tested or heard of can compare to KwikDri™. When you seek the absolute best in performance the only choice is KwikDri™ fabric, exclusively from PoloGear.

Imagine a fabric that was extremely lightweight (only 145 grams/meter2 or 5.11 oz/meter2), that was so smooth and comfortable to the touch that it fells like the finest silk gliding over your skin. A fabric that is woven on a very fine gauge weave that makes it very soft, comfortable and luxurious yet tough and durable. It has a unique hard finish that glistens and reflects the light shimmering in the sun. A finish that makes the color shine and the durability remarkable. Created from a special high twist spun yarn that accelerates wicking and creates a higher degree of gumption and elasticity, that has wonderful stretch characteristics inherent in the weave not achieved from added rubber Lycra® spandex which may stretch, wear, react to chemicals and distort over time. Stretch that allows our athletes to preform without restriction or loss in comfort and that accommodates a large range of motion. Stretch that allows complete freedom of movement yet retains it original shape with amazing consistency even over many years of hard use.

In addition to the moisture wicking capacities of the weave™ KwikDri™ is also chemically treated to create more accelerated wicking properties. The combination of the two makes it vastly superior to normal polyester moisture wicking material. You can take your PoloGear™ KwikDri™ garment from the washing machine and it will hang dry in minutes. On the field it cools you when it’s hot and warms you when it’s cool, and makes an ideal layering garment. It is ideal for both very warm and very cool playing environments and everything in between. Ask your PoloGear salesman for the layering garments offered. By cooling the player during hot temperatures KwikDri™ also improves performance.

Our fabric is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, 40 UV protected and will not fade, discolor, peal. It is not uncommon for PoloGear KwikDri™ team shirts to last for a decade or more. Some of our top teams use then for years, playing year round with multiple games and washings per week. They still maintain their color, shape, functionality and vibrancy of their designs even under these extreme wear conditions. While other manufactures team shirts may fade or peal our sublimated shirts will not because the color is transferred into the fabric with the sublimation process with the fabric actually changing the colors of the molecules. Sublimation is unlike the screen-printing or heat transfer applications many of our competitors use. In addition our fabric is treated for color fastness and odor from sweat, sun, chlorine, washing and seawater. In addition KwikDri™ has solar protection with UPF 30-50.

A talented designer can do remarkable things with our sublimation process. Basically any thing we can imagine we can create in a team jersey. Because we create our designs with modern computer graphics any design we can create on the screen we can transfer to the garment. There are no limits to your creativity and no limits to our designs. That allows us to use all the creativity the universe allows a modern graphic artist; millions of colors, pantone matching, ½ tones, fading, shading, all kinds of unique expressionism. PoloGear owners have always been the design inspiration behind the brand and continue to this day. We have a talented in house design team that can take your ideas and easily, quickly translate them to graphics for you to approve and then for us to make.

PoloGear teamshop has complete in house capabilities. We do everything ourselves; Sales, design, layout, setup, production, packing and shipping. Normally the total production process takes 3 weeks from approval of design but if you need us to react quickly we can. Our staff is ready to work overtime and weekends to meet your deadlines or emergencies if required. We specialize in rush situations. Because it is all in house we control the outcome we don’t rely on third party contractors. So we control the quality, control the production and control the results. Exceeding your expectations is our goal and your 100% customer satisfaction is our promise. PoloGear Teamshop has since 1993 been servicing the global polo community and discerning customers worldwide.


Artwork Approved by Customer.


The order will be shipped within 15 working days of the day of receipt of deposit and written acknowledgement of order and quote approval (by email or fax).

Costs and Expectations

Polo Gear Teamshop™ prices are reasonable, affordable and extremely competitive in our global marketplace for quality custom products. Sublimated products with our logo next to the plaque and on the sleeves are $165 for 1-7 Jerseys, $135 for 8 or more in the same design purchased one at a time. For jerseys without the PoloGear logos the prices are $195 for 1-7 jerseys, $165 for 7 or more. The upcharge is required because we must go by hand and remove each logo from each individual size template. This requires 24 individual steps and is time consuming.

Because we control all aspects of production you can be assured of quick, dependable turn around. Normal production time for PG team orders is 15 working days from receipt of approved artwork, order confirmation and deposit. The art process can take between 1 and 30 days depending upon the customer so be sure to plan your lead-time accordingly. Expedited production service is available at additional charge. All orders with less than 15 working days from approval of design and receipt of deposit to required shipment date will be charged for expedited service.

Polo Gear offers in house design services with years of experience designing high impact corporate, team, charity, and agency and school products. We will work with you to get your message and image across in the way you want to have it presented. We charge a minimal $129 fee, which provides up to 3 hours work of design and creative time to develop your project and complete graphic designs for you to review. 97% of all jobs are completed within these parameters. If additional design time is needed it is available at $45 per hour. Included in the design fee you will be able to see how the design will look on a variety of additional products. For example most polo teams will start with team jerseys. We will start on the team jerseys. When this is complete we will also show the customer how the design will interpret to jackets, groom shirt, saddle pads, sheets, blankets, mallet and boot bags, mallet blankets, caps etc. Polo Gears two online catalogs and numerous printed catalogs provide thousands of products to choose from. This is all included in the initial charge.

The design fee is collected at the beginning of the project after initial consultation and understanding of the job parameters. Upon receipt of design deposit Teamshop designer will work with customer to provide a graphic interpretation of the required project for approval. Once the customer approves the artwork, Teamshop design representative will provide a written quote for the cost of the order. Written confirmation will be required approving the estimate and the order before scheduling of production will commence. Upon order approval confirmation 50% of the order is due. The balance is due upon completion and prior to shipment. PG accepts credit cards, wire transfers and checks. No orders will be released without payment in full.

Expedited Service is available for orders that need to be shipped within 10 business days or less from receipt of artwork and order confirmation, and payment in full for order and shipping. The Expedited Fee is $95 minimum or 10% of the order whichever is greater.

Expedited Urgent Service is available for orders that need to be shipped within 5 business days or less from receipt of artwork and order confirmation and payment in full for order and shipping. The Expedited Urgent Fee is $185 minimum or 20% of the order whichever is greater.

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