PoloGear is THE one and only authentic, real genuine, polo outfitter. Since 1993 we have been outfitting polo players, polo teams and polo events worldwide. We have provided them with polo equipment and polo supplies for players and teams. We have made the team shirts and team jerseys their teams have competed in and outfitted their staff, families, friends and corporate sponsors. We have used our apparel background and experience in fashion to make sure that they looked good. For almost 30 years we have been the standard in polo equipment and apparel.


During this time we also outfitted our players, families, sponsors and followers off the polo field as well as on. Since the inception our business we have offered a complete line of branded apparel as well as our technical clothing. We have outfitted the polo way of life since 1993.


Now we are entering into a new phase of our brand growth and development. Under the direction of CEO Bernt Ullmann we are now embarking on a global deployment of our branded apparel products direct to consumer. This effort will be supported by brand ambassador Nic Roldan, America’s highest rated polo player, and a strong ecommerce and marketing effort. The sales effort will be to benefit the Tim Tebow Foundation, a charity close to PoloGear and its founders. A percentage of all PoloGear ecommerce sales are contributed to the TTF.