Knee Guard-Velcro Fitted 11.25 inch

$197.90 $210
This is a PoloGear Best Buy product. First in its class for quality and value. It is the perfect size for both men and most women. Once you have tried a polo knee pad that is made on a last you will never go back to the cut and sew version. Why? Because the fit is so more anatomical that they are much more comfortable, protect better and last longer.  These Knee guards are made like a fine pair of shoes or boots on a wood last so they actually take the shape of the leg in riding posistion so they keep shape and are most comfortable. The two strap configuration works for both men and women. This is the form, the last we use for our top of the line knee guards, the sell for over $300 and are a proven winner. Now you can have the fit of our best knee guard at a very reasonable  price point.   Real English leather, hand crafted at the PoloGear factory in Kanpur, IN.

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